Dataveyes hits the road!

We're leaving our cosy Paris nest for 8 days,
stopping by 4 locations in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Why, you may ask - we'll meet up with some of our fellow companions that make data visualization count throughout our good old continent.



It's no secret that at Dataveyes, we are fascinated by the potential of visualizing data and unleashing relevant meaning behind abstract figures.

Our ambition is to strengthen our existing ties with other data visualizers; we're keen to share experiences, compare methods, fiddle with new technologies and have a fun time along the way.

Trust us to keep you updated from day one, and as our exciting Datatrip progresses. We will feed data about our trip into a visualization accessible on this website. Expect all kinds of exclusive data on our movements across Europe and perhaps play along, by trying to guess the mystery metric we’ll visualize. Besides, once back at our homes in Paris/London, we’ll publish a white paper and also make a series of videos of our odyssey available on this website. So stay tuned!

You can follow us on Twitter @dataveyes and ask us any question with regards to our odyssey using the #datatrip hashtag.




Starting from Paris, the city where we’ve been designing visualizations for almost 3 years now…
  • Zurich

    We’ll come say hi to the leading design and technology studio in German-speaking Switzerland. Those proud musketeers swore to defeat poor user experience by designing innovative solutions.

  • Wiesbaden

    We’ll be attending the See Conference on visualization of information. It addresses the latest trends in the world of information visualization and provides a variety of insights into fields such as architecture, performance, film, art, technology, research and communication.

  • Bremen

    We’ll visit Moritz Stefaner, an undisputed authority on the European data visualization scene. You may know of his slick designs or his meaningful projects.

  • Utrecht

    We’ll spend some quality time at CleverFranke, a Netherlands-based agency. Defeating complexity is at the core of their processes, and their swift abilities got them great recognition on the European design scene.

3 projects

Don’t be fooled, our Datatrip is no do-nothing holiday. We aim to carry out a few projects as we visit our data visualizing companions scattered across Europe.

7 talks

We will not show up to our guests empty-handed: members of the Dataveyes gang have prepared a series of short presentations/ pitches. We hope that our members’ different backgrounds will lead to insightful, thought-provoking or off-the-wall outlooks on the field of datavisualization.